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K-5 Physical & Health Education Assignments

Callie Moore
Wesley Spurling
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This Physical Education class is based on the Tennessee Academic Physical Education standards and the Tennessee Health Education standards. This class provides students with the knowledge of all things surrounding physical fitness and health. Each student has Physical Education class twice a week for 45 minutes each. 

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Past Assignments


4/24-4/28 Health Education topic

This week our health education topic is disease prevention where students will watch this quick video and have a brief discussion about it. 


Health Education Unit for 12/12-16 & 1/3-6 : Personal Hygiene

This month for the Health portion of PE, we will be discussing personal hygiene. We will be briefly discussing a variety of topics such as handwashing, brushing teeth, shampooing/washing, combing, flossing, and germs/pathogens. 


Health Education unit for September: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z51bWG17m-Q

For the month of September the Health Education topic will be Nutrition and Physical Activity. Students will be learning this in conjunction with their regular PE lessons. This video is the primary classroom material that the students will be viewing for this unit.