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Carlson - 5th Grade Math

Course Description

Thank you for visiting this page to keep up with assignments in and out of class! A little overview...
  • Math & Movements- This is a daily kinesthetic activity to get the students up and out of their seats while practicing fact fluency. Each day a student will select the movement of the day and while doing the movement we drill our math facts. This activity takes no more than 3 minutes, but students enjoy it while also practicing fluency!
  • Homework- There will be weekly assigned homework. The homework will be given at the beginning of the week and it is expected to be completed and returned on Friday of that week. (Please note, the homework is a review of the concepts covered the week prior.)
  • The format "I do, we do, you do"- In a nutshell, this is teacher lingo for showing agenda for the lesson. The "I do" part is me teaching the content. The "we do" part is when as a class we practice the concept. Then, students are tasked with the "you do" part of the lesson by showing what they know!  ls

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