Loudon Elementary School

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Accelerated Reader Points Clubs - 2019-2020

Students in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to take AR quizzes for many of the books they read in class and independently. We want students to fall in love with reading, so our incentives are mostly book-based. Students will receive the following rewards for reaching each point level.
25 Points - Free Book
50 Points - 2nd Free Book + Special Lunch with Guest Readers or Authors
75 Points - 3rd Free Book
100 Points - 4th Free Book  + Reading Champion Hat + Personalized Fat Head in the Hallway
250 Points - $100 Scholastic Book Club or Book Fair Shopping Spree
Points Clubs will be announced at least weekly on the announcements, but students will "shop" for free books during monthly Celebration Assemblies. 50 Point Club lunches will typically be held during the first week of each month for those students who reached that level the month before. For example, the first lunch will be held on September 4th and will honor students who reached 50 Points during August.
First Semester Top 12  (data pulled 12/1) - Field Trip to McKay's with $25 Trade Credit
Second Semester Top 12  (data pulled 5/1) - Reading Adventure Field Trip
Classroom teachers may offer additional prizes and incentives for independent reading.