Loudon Elementary School

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LES Reopening Plan

LES will follow the Loudon County district re-opening plan using the specifics below to best serve our school community.



Registration for new students will be held at LES on Friday, July 17th from 8:00 until 3:00.

Registration for returning students, including kindergarten students who enrolled in the spring, will be held by appointment on Tuesday, August 4th. Homeroom teachers will contact parents to schedule appointments. This is your opportunity to meet the teacher and see the classroom as we will not have a traditional Open House at this time.

Remind App / Communication

We ask that all parents download the Remind App and opt-in to text and alerts from Remind. LES is using this program school-wide to communicate with parents throughout the school year. This will allow you to text teachers and administrators as well. It’s important that you keep all phone numbers, email addresses, and emergency contacts up-to-date. Please notify the school office of any changes so we can always reach you in case of an emergency.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are strongly encouraged for students and staff especially when they cannot be socially-distanced. This may include a mask or a face shield.

If state or local officials mandate face coverings, we will follow their guidance as it applies to schools.

If you choose to send your child in a mask, please ensure it’s unique to him or her in case it’s taken off or dropped. We also recommend that it have neck loop so it can be pulled below the chin for eating and drinking instead of being removed.

If you want the school to supply a mask, please let the teacher know.

It’s important to talk to your child about face masks. We don’t want any child to be scared by them or to make fun of others wearing them.

Screenings at Home

We ask that you screen your child for a fever or any symptoms of COVID-19 before he/she leaves for school each day. If your child has a fever or other symptoms that are concerning, call the school nurse and leave a message. Do not bring your child to school.

Daily School Arrival

We ask that car riders not be dropped off until 7:15 or later. Students’ temperatures will be taken before they exit cars. Students with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed to stay at school. The later your child is dropped off, the less time he/she will have to spend in bus hall. However, keep in mind that traffic gets very heavy around 7:45.

Temperatures will be taken as students exit buses. Any student with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be given a mask and taken to the clinic. Parents will be contacted for pick-up.

Each grade level of students will be seated in the floor in separate hallways or other designated areas for bus hall. Students will be assigned the same “spot” in the hallway or designated area each morning and afternoon.

Breakfast will be served in classrooms beginning at 7:45 each day. Classes begin at 8:00. Students not in the classroom will be considered tardy at 8:00 AM.


At this time, we are not allowing visitors or volunteers in the building. Parents and other guests will not be able to eat breakfast or lunch with students or walk students to class.

*Additional guidance will be sent for pre-k and kindergarten parents for staggered enrollment days and required classroom visits.*

Parents and legal guardians may schedule appointments to meet with school personnel but will be subject to temperature checks upon entering the building.

Throughout the Day

Hallways and Transitions

We always teach the procedure of walking on the right side of the hallway. We will reinforce this for students as part of social distancing. We will be marking the floor to help with distancing while in line and during bathroom breaks.


All adults in the building will demonstrate and frequently remind students of healthy habits – keeping hands away from face, not touching masks, keeping appropriate distance. Teachers will have hand sanitizer in every classroom as well as stations around the building.

Rooms have been decluttered to allow for more social distancing in the classroom, however, we openly acknowledge that students and staff may not be able to be six feet apart at all times. We will minimize students being gathered together in tight groups as much as possible. All soft surfaces, such as rugs, have been removed from classrooms.

Students will be assigned seats throughout the day, including at lunch. This will help in case we do need to notify other families for contact tracing.

We are trying to minimize students sharing materials. Your child will likely need a personal pencil box for supplies, but the teacher will communicate the specific information about supplies.

Students will be given hand sanitizer or asked to wash their hands between transitions.

While rooms will be thoroughly cleaned each day, high contact areas, such as teacher tables, will be cleaned throughout the day between groups. Some teachers may opt to use cardboard or folder dividers between students while students are at the teacher table.


Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Our tables that normally seat 6-8 students will be used to seat 3-4 students to allow for more separation.

Students will have limited options of pre-measured servings to limit contact with serving utensils.

Students will not enter PINs as they go through the cafeteria line.

Ice cream will still be sold for $.75 each at the end of each lunch period.


For the time being, classes will be divided at recess to allow for more social distancing and less interaction with other students. Some classes may play on playground equipment while others may play in grassy areas or walk during recess.

Daily School Departure

School is dismissed at 3:00 PM for first load bus riders. Buses will load in the same location as in previous years. The floor and sidewalk will be marked to help with social distancing while loading buses

Car riders will begin dismissal at 3:10. This will allow us to get bus riders loaded and cut down on congestion in the hallway. We will not be able to stage as many students in the car line, so this process will take a little longer than in the past. Car riders should be picked up no later than 3:45.

Late bus riders will stay in their designated locations until their buses are called.

Questions, Concerns, and Changes

Many questions and concerns will arise as we all navigate the new “normal” of school. Please do not hesitate to reach out to teachers or administrators at any time. We will stay in tune to local and state trends for this pandemic and make changes to our plan as needed.

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