Loudon Elementary School

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Bloomz Codes & Instructions

Please connect to your child's class via Bloomz if you have not done so already. 
Directions can be found below. 
Grade Teacher Code
Kindergarten Ballinger 2MZFDZ
Kindergarten Bowers 3UCC6S
Kindergarten Frye SKJTZF
Kindergarten McCollum PCZZFW
Kindergarten Williams AH6KVH
First Bolt ZMX77Y
First Fields 3VMQZ4
First Howser CJDURV
First Moore, S GKH83D
First Sanders EAXAR3
Second Fray C3E4Y3
Second Emory KX2UCT
Second Turpin U29N6X
Second Tipton BBYCK3
Second Almond 3H8MVA
Third Petty 83NJYZ
Third Berry GWXZXR
Third Bunch NW87SU
Third Ouellette BH5FBV
Fourth Moore, L PP9F8Z
Fourth Brown 9BGRPW
Fourth Leming 36CDCC
Fourth Hall G9SU4G
Fifth Effler 773YB8
Fifth Curtis 8UUACA
Fifth Stakely KJQK2Z
Fifth Gilbert 8WGSRW