Loudon Elementary School

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TCAP Family Portal

TDOE just launched the “Know More, Learn More TN” campaign to encourage parents to log-in to the redesigned TCAP Family Portal for on-demand access to their student’s TCAP assessment results.


Parents and families can follow these three (3) simple steps to access the TCAP Family Portal:


  1. Find their student’s “unique access code” or “USID” on the bottom right-corner of the printed state score report.
  2. Visit the Family Portal at [KnowMoreLearnMoreTN.tnedu.gov]KnowMoreLearnMoreTN.tnedu.gov
  3. Log in to find information on your student’s performance, a personalized video in your home language, questions to ask their teacher, and where they may need additional support.


TCAP Family Portal: 3 Simple Steps video (https://youtu.be/TEzjjpsH8i0)


*If you did not receive a copy, call the school office for more information.