Loudon Elementary School

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Volunteer Spotlight of the Week

Michaelanne Keefe has been my volunteer for the past 3 years. She is super helpful in my classroom. She works hard to help our kids, and my kids adore her as well. I am super blessed to be able to work with her. Both myself and my kids appreciate all of her hard work.
Mrs. Selber is so helpful in the classroom. She is always willing to work with students and has donated many supplies to our classroom. The students and I always look forward to Tuesdays with Mrs. Selber!
Mr. Doug is an excellent addition to our classroom. He is always ready to help in whatever way he can. Mr. Doug often leads a small group station where students might solving practice problems, doing math tasks, or playing a game. He helps students understand math and gives them some extra support. My students love the days that Mr. Doug comes.  





Our volunteer of the week is Ms. Bess!!! This is the second year she has volunteered in Mrs. Bower's kindergarten class.
Mrs. Bower's said "She is always willing to help with anything asked of her. Every Wednesday, Ms. Bess manages one of the literacy stations during guided reading. She has become an expert on Fundations and tapping out words. While her favorite thing is working with students, she will fix snacks, cut lamination, put papers in take-home folders, and many other things while I am doing whole group read aloud. She loves doing our morning song and dance (and all the other singing and dancing we do throughout the day). If Ms. Bess can't be at school on her usual day, she contacts me about coming a different day during the week. Last year, she even went on a field trip with us. She is a blessing to me and every child in my class."

Thank you, Ms. Bess!! We appreciate you!

Karen Hamerslag is our spotlight volunteer of the week!! Karen works incredibly hard to organize weekly volunteers and get donations for our school through the Adopt-a-Class program. She works closely with teachers and staff to identify needs and is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond to help our students. We are thankful for her generosity and dedication to LES. Thank you, Karen for all you do to make Loudon Elementary School great!
Our Volunteer Spotlight of the week is Mary Sandal. Mrs. Mary has been volunteering at LES for 10 years. She loves helping in the cafeteria, and during specials she helps Mrs.Stamey with kindergarten. She also volunteers with our backpack food program. Ms. Williams says, "I love when she comes in the room and the smile she has on her face when the kids see her and yell her name!" Mrs. Mary dyes Easter eggs for the kindergarten students every year.
We are so appreciate of Mrs. Mary and all that she does for LES!
Mr. Jason Graening is our Volunteer Spotlight of the week! Mr. Jason spends 8 hours a week in kindergarten and guidance classes and also helps with communications for the Adopt-A-Class program. This is his second year serving at LES. Mrs. Henry loves having Mr. Jason in her classes. He is helping lead guidance classes with the Junior Achievement curriculum. She says, “Mr. Jason brings an enthusiasm to guidance class that gets all of the students excited about learning!” Students and adults alike love seeing Mr. Jason each week, and we are proud to spotlight him.