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About Me

Rollins College, B.A. in History (1991)
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, M.A. in Journalism (1992)
Tusculum University, M.A. in Elementary Education (2019)
Welcome to my webpage!  I am returning for my 4th year as a Reading/Language Arts and social studies teacher here at LES. I am looking forward to forming positive relationships with our students and helping them achieve their fullest potential.
I'm so old I don't have any recollection of memorable moments from elementary school.  But I do remember that I have always loved reading! I remember being especially excited when I learned how to read and write in cursive.
On a personal note, my son, Zachery, attended 1st through 5th grade here LES, and he is now a 6th grader at FLMS.  We have many pets to include, 3 dogs, 9 cats, saltwater fish, and 14 chickens!
Reading Fun Facts:
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Monday 01-11-21 Lesson 3

This week we continue our look at Greek Mythology as we build background knowledge prior to reading, The Lightning Thief. 
Today we will read the Story of Heracles (Hercules) from  D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths.  As you read the story think about what makes a hero, because you will answer the following writing prompt at the end of the lesson; Is Hercules a Hero?
All additional reading and a narrated PowerPoint of today's lesson will be attached to my webpage.  
If you have any questions or concerns, contact me on Remind or email me at [email protected]

Tuesday 12-01-20 Storyworks - Blood Smoke and Freedom

For today's lesson we will be reading the Storyworks Article, "Blood, Smoke, and Freedom."  This article is a non-fictional account of a 15 year old boy who fought as a soldier during the Revolution.
After reading the text, complete the two worksheets; one will allow you to practice answering text-based questions, and the second will help you to summarize the text. 
Do not just read the text one time.  Read, reread, and reread again.  Do not forget to examine the text features (captions, boxes, etc.)

Monday 11-30-2020

Today we reviewed two Nearpod videos to refresh our background information on events leading to the American Revolution.
Nearpod #1  Loyalists and Patriots  CODE:  BP7MH
Nearpod #2 Paul Revere's Ride and Lexington and Concord CODE:  S58NC
After you watch the Nearpods, read the the article, Shot Heard 'Round the World and answer the questions.
Remember your strategies: read the questions first, eliminate obviously wrong answers, read and REREAD the text.
This assignment is for a grade. 


Use this chart to start outlining your opinion and supporting details and text evidence.
The first column, going left to right, should be where you are getting the information.  For example, the Valley Forge Video, Katie's Trunk...
The second column should be your detail in your own words that supports your opinion.  
The third column should be the text or video evidence that supports your detail.  It should be a direct quote from tone of the videos or a text. 

Narrated Lesson 25 - Who had it harder

Here is the narrated PowerPoint for today.  
We are looking at the question, who had the harder time during the American Revolution, Loyalists or Patriots?
If the videos in the PowerPoint do not play properly, they are posted separately on my site.
The evidence chart that you need to fill out will be posted separately.

Katies Trunk

Katie's Trunk is a historical, fictional text set in the time of the American Revolution.  The point of view is from a Loyalist family's perspective. 

Paul Revere's Ride

Read and then reread Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride.  On the attached worksheet (page 13) answer questions 3-5. 
List the towns that Revere rode to in order AND the times he arrived at each location.
Go back into the poem to find the answers.
This assignment is for a grade.