Loudon Elementary School

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Family Resource Center

Cindy Purdy, FRC Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (865) 986-2036 ext 4615
Cell: (865) 740-1636
Fax: (865) 988-7775
“Tennessee Family Resource Centers unlock potential by serving
as a resource and support hub. FRCs proactively engage with their
community to empower students and families, bridging gaps to
ensure they evolve together through connected systems of
support unique to each community.”
FRCs develop an interconnected and consistent approach that
responds to the mental health and wellbeing needs of students
and families via services and resources for family support,
wellbeing and sustainability.
FRCs develop an integrated
approach that ensures a pathway to prosperity for every student
and family via services and resources for chronically out of school,
literacy, academic, college and career supports.
FRCs develop programs and partnerships targeted to unlock the
potential of students, families and schools via student and family
engagement, resilient school community and
community partnerships.
Our FRC Advisory Council is the key to assuring that collaborative community input and
involvement occurs in the planning, implementation and oversight of the Center’s activities.
The FRC Advisory Council aids the FRC to accomplish its intended mission.