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Univerity of Tennessee, B.S. in Elementary Education K-8 (2006)
Lipscomb University, M.S. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Langages K-12 (2009)
I am one of Loudon County's itinerant ELL teachers. This school year I serve language learners at Loudon Elementary school and Philadelphia Elementary School. When needed, I also serve students at Steekee and Greenback. I am so proud of my Steekee students that are moving on to sixth grade at FLMS this year! I will miss seeing them each day! I have taught ELL in Loudon County for eight years. Prior to that, I taught sheltered, 4th grade ELL in Metro Nashville Public Schools. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love as a career! One of my favorite things about this teaching position is that I get to spend multiple school years with my students. This allows me to really get to know them. I am able to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of their history, academic and language needs, interests, and what motivates them to learn. I also love expanding my Spanish vocabulary while we work! 
My favorite teacher when I was in school was Mrs. Blahut. I was fortunate enough to have her for second and third grade. To this day, I remember the sound of her loud, boisterous laugh. Her laugh aways made me laugh! I remember loving the way she wasn't afraid to jump in and have fun with us. I remember her reading Charlotte's Web aloud to us. She was great at bringing life to those fictional characters. I think I have read Charlotte's Web a hundred times since then, and have loved reading it to my own children. I also remember how Mrs. Blahut had extremely high expectations of us. She was not ok with mediocre and she was not ok with lack of effort. She made this very clear to us. She set the bar high and taught us that hard work payed off. I have carried those lessons throughout my life. 
My family is one of the most importatnt things in my life. My husband's name is Jordan. We have been married 12 years. We have three children. Evangeline is 9, Sadie is 7, and Harrison is 2. We love all things creative! I love plants and gardening, books, art, and music. 
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Taylor Burris
ELL Teacher
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