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Welcome to my website! I am the school counselor at Loudon Elementary School. I have been a professional educator for 18 years in Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. During that time I have taught special education in elementary and middle schools and elementary school counseling. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and my Master’s Degree from Radford University in Virginia. I have 2 children.
As a School Counselor, I have 45 minute classes with students in kindergarten through third grade every week teaching them valuable life skills that connect and improve their academic learning. Among other things I will be working with students on study skills, social skills and character skills, problem solving skills, thinking skills, testing skills etc. 
I also meet with individual students and small groups working on specific situations. Additionally I am available to work with families over issues that affect our students.
I have a mailbox for kids so they can easily access confidential adult help if they want assistance or extra support with problems they may encounter. I am always eager to help any family with school related situations. Feel free to e-mail me or call (458-2001 ext 3526). If I haven't responded to you within one day please assume I didn't get the message for some reason and contact me again.

It is my goal as the school counselor of Loudon Elementary to assist the students, faculty and parents in any way I can to create success in school and life.