K-2 Social Emotional Learning Challenge

Tell your favorite stuffed animal about 3 feelings you  have felt this week.

Draw a picture of your “happy place” while you sit somewhere calm. 

While you watch a T.V. show, notice how all the characters feel. 

Call a loved one and ask them to tell you about a time they felt a big emotion.

Write 2-4 sentences about what being kind means. Include a picture!

Make a picture for your neighbor and then deliver it to their mailbox with a trusted adult.

Play “Mother May I” with your family. Practice being a good sport.

Make 3 masks of 3 different emotions! Use household items with permission from your family!

Make up an appropriate joke that would make your family laugh.

Hug a stuffed animal as tight as you can for 30 seconds. Then notice how you feel.

Have two of your toys act out how to solve a problem in a safe, healthy way.

Draw a rainbow and then practice rainbow breathing(trace each color with your finger while you breathe).

Go for a walk and quietly think of all the things you are thankful for right now.

Create a book about how kindness can change the world!

Find music that makes you feel 4 different emotions. 

Play another round of Emotions Charades with your family or over video.

Draw about a time you felt proud of yourself. Tell your family about it.

Color a coloring sheet. Use mindfulness by staying in the lines as best you can.

Lay on the floor quietly with your eyes closed and listen while you breathe slowly.

Create a paper chain of all the things that make you awesome. 

Additional Resources:

Sesame Street(Many SEL resources, activities, and videos)


Breath, Think, Do App

Go Noodle FLOW on Youtube(Calming Techniques in video form)