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About Me

Tennessee Wesleyan College, B.S. in Elementary Education (1984)
Tusculum College, M.S. in Elementary Education (1996)
     I am excited to begin my 14th year of teaching at Loudon Elementary School and working on an amazing team to serve the children in 2nd Grade. Previously, I have taught in Kindergarten through Third Grade for Anderson and Hancock Counties. I am excited about beginning the 2020-2021 school year at LES!!!
     My most memorable memory of my own educational career was when I was in the second grade. Our teacher brought in milkweed pods and showed us how to make birds out of them. It was very impressive, even as a child,  that my teacher would take her weekend to walk through weeds to collect seed pods and show us how to convert them into birds. I will never see milkweed pods in the fall without thinking about this precious lady and how she gave of herself to help educate her students.
     On a personal note, I have a wonderful husband, Brian, and two lovely daughters, Amanda and Allison. I have two son-in-laws, Grant and Nate, and five special grandsons - Dalton, Case, Boyd, Paxton, and Sutton. I love spending time with them, growing a small garden, going to the mountains, helping in my church,  and playing with our dog - Benelli. My favorite food is seefood - I like it ALL!!! My favorite candies are Snickers and Hershey's Kisses. 
     This year has many challenges for all of us, and I am excited to take this journey with you and your child.





How to Keep Your Child Learning While at Home

How to Keep Your Child Learning While at Home


The following websites are used in the classroom daily.  Each student has an individualized log-in.  If you need your student's log-in, please contact his/her teacher through Remind if the IXL login doesn't work for these sites.

What Should My Child do While Quarantining?

If your child is having to quarantine at home for several days, the following activities will help to keep him/her up to date with the skills the other students are learning at school.
You may go to "Classes" on each teacher's website to find the exact lessons that she may be teaching at school that day. Your CKLA stories with links to You Tube (for listening), vocabulary words, essential questions, spelling activities, and math lessons can all be found there.
Also, each child has the opportunity to use the following sites/apps to continue his/her learning experience. I would recommend spending time in each one daily. There is only one username and password for all of the websites/apps listed. You may get to them through each teacher's "All About Me" link on the I-pad homepage. Rocket math will require a school code which is LES1 in addition to a username and password.
1. Spelling City - There are games and practice quizzes that correlate to the spelling list of the week. Look at the date on each list to determine which one to study. The words will also be listed in the weekly newsletter on each teacher's website.
2. Seesaw - Each day there will be assignments for your child to complete. Please check the Activity folder to see what he/she needs to do daily. Please check the Inbox to see if any assignments need to be corrected and resubmitted to me. You may also make a picture with the camera in Seesaw to return any paperwork to me.
3. Rocket Math - Your child should practice his/her addition facts at least 3 times during the day. (Remember, the school code is LES1.)
4. Epic - Your child may read books from this site during school hours. It locks at 4:00 and will not open again until the next morning at 8:00. I will add books that I would like for each student to read to his/her personal mailbox. I would also expect him/her to take an AR test on any book read that has an AR level at the front of the book. Students should not take tests in EPIC. They will not earn AR points for them.
5. AR - Each child should take/pass 1 or more AR tests daily.
6. IXL - Spend 10 minutes daily in the diagnostic section. Then, work in Math and Language Arts for at least 15 minutes each. You should work on the highlighted sections and the skills recommended by IXL from your diagnostic arena.
     Math: Section A, C, and M
     Language Arts: A, B, C, D, OO, and PP
   *It is important to keep your Smart Score between 80 - 100%.
We hope that your child will be able to be with us again soon.

Get Moving in the House

GoNoodle created a free online resource GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home. It includes premium content and learning materials including movement and mindfulness videos as well as downloadable learning resources and ideas for off-screen activities - and if you sign up for email updates, they plan to send new ideas, activities, and tools to you weekly. There’s also a Good Energy channel on all GoNoodle home apps (iOS, Android, AppleTV, Fire, Roku) where all the best GoNoodle videos can be used by kids directly. Whether it takes the form of a family dance party, a song and activity that reinforces something kids are learning at school, or a mindfulness or yoga video to help us all relieve stress and get a break from the intensity of it all - let’s all work to create Good Energy with our kids during this stressful time.